Back To The Office: The Latest Jewellery Pieces You Need When Going Back To Office This Season

     Many businesses are allowing employees to return to work and it’s an opportunity for women to dress more stylishly again. This is especially important as many of us have been working from home and that typically meant that we were working in our pyjamas or fitness wear unless we have a virtual meeting scheduled. Still, balancing style, professionalism, and productivity can be challenging and we need to avoid wearing something too distracting as we return to the office this autumn.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some autumn jewellery trends that are perfect for going back to an office setting:

Stud Earrings- professional women should choose stud earrings with small hoops to remain comfortable in any business setting. It is recommended to coordinate the colours of your earrings with your outfit. If you have rose gold stud earrings, consider matching them with a peach-coloured shirt and pencil skirt. If you want to add a dose of elegance to your appearance, Moon Studs earrings with colourful gemstones should be quite appropriate.


Dangle Earrings- small dangle earrings are suitable for a more casual office setting. They give you an elegant, yet playful look. Dangle earrings often work well with purple or maroon dresses. Because Tassel Bar earrings dangle as you move around, choose those made of lightweight materials, so you will barely feel them. Style your hair with high ponytails for a modern, chic look.

Hidden Ball Pendant- a hidden ball pendant for your necklace is more suitable for work environments, unlike big neckpieces. Without drawing too much attention, a Teardrop Necklace can add elegance. A statement diamond pendant matches well with a pencil skirt or formal shirt with pants. A stylish pendant with a chunky chain can make you look more captivating and boost your confidence.

Chain Bracelet- chain bracelet is a suitable choice for the office that won’t hinder your hands while typing on a laptop. A simple Pearl Cuff Bracelet shouldn’t be too distracting, however, especially if you use hand gestures often during presentations and meetings. 

Delicate Rings- choose a delicate, designer piece that suits any workplace outfit. Just like other office-friendly jewellery, choose a lightweight ring, so you will barely notice it’s there. If you wear a simple office outfit, a Heart Ring can add an elegant contrast. Choose a Shell Ring with its small gemstone and natural look for added style and professionalism.

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