Our Story

“Jewelry is a Story that describes and defines you”

Hello!! My name is Eliza and am the Founder of Lizz Creation Co. My passion for jewelry is hereditary where anything gold and silver is considered the top of the class. I fell in love with jewelry and admired how easily it could 'complete' and lift an otherwise dull outfit. Although, having been an avid & curious jewelry collector to pay a huge amount for everyday jewelry seemed excessive. I always wanted to create unique jewelry pieces that would be symbolic and meaningful hence my journey for affordable yet stylish jewelry commenced but having a 9-5 job never offered the opportunity which the lockdown did. Plenty of time in hand, I researched the best quality and designs to offer. Multiple attempts and months of hard work later “Lizz Creation Co” is finally ready to launch.

At Lizz Creation Co, a lot of effort have been put into aesthetically pleasing jewelry with high quality and design yet minimum pricing. Having taken inspiration from traditional to modern jewelry we at Lizz Creation Co have tried to incorporate unique designs and gone down the route of Sterling Silver 925, Gold plated and Natural Stone Jewelry. “Sophistication in Simplicity” will always be our priority.

“We are what we wear” so only the best is what Lizz Creation Co. offers.From teenagers to women of age can complement these jewellery. Dress it for everyday or for special occasions, carry it with style.

We combined style and mindfulness to create timeless, high quality jewelry with minimal impact on the environment. You will find a beautiful selection of everyday and celebration pieces that honor individuality through contemporary designs. Beauty and confidence come from within. What you wear on the outside is merely a way to enhance that beauty and confidence and express who you really are. At Lizz Creation Co we believe in today's women and in all ways possible we are aiming to celebrate and inspire, with the ultimate goal to empower women.

From Lizz Creations Co to you - beautifully crafted Jewelry designs, made with love and care. We hope you enjoy the pieces as much as we did creating it.

Happy Shopping!

Eliza & Lizz Creation Co Team