Athena Ring

Product Descriptions

The Athena ring is appropriately named after the Greek mythological goddess, as a gorgeous amethyst quartz and blue quartz pairing. The natural, authentic stones together make a beautiful ring adornment. You will notice it is crafted with care and handmade through its imperfections. The special 18k gold plating ring is made to add a touch of classic feel to the piece of jewelry. It also includes a touch of silver that holds the stones. This gorgeous piece is the perfect token of appreciation.

**All Jewellery purchases will be neatly placed in a a delicate gray Jewellery Lizz Creation's box along with Lizz Creation velvety black pouch and securely packaged in a Lizz Creation Black Box; durable, stylish, and intricate.  Fashion speaks in and out.

Size Adjustable
18K Gold Plating
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