Pearl Cuff Bracelet

Product Descriptions

To be the queen of the sea is to own this stunning piece with glee. You have found the gift of the ocean. This Pearl Cuff is quintessential. With its tranquil pearl stone and beautiful golden hoop, this bracelet is a state of mind. It is elegant, calm, Serendib, and peaceful, perfect for beach outings or relaxing outdoors. Made with 925 Sterling Silver, this bracelet is not only durable but also adjustable. Beauty has no size. It is yours to seize and own.

**All Jewellery purchases will be neatly placed in a a delicate gray Jewellery Lizz Creation's box along with Lizz Creation velvety black pouch and securely packaged in a Lizz Creation Black Box; durable, stylish, and intricate.  Fashion speaks in and out.

Functions Adjustable

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